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About Me

Psychologist with a master’s degree in Existential- Humanistic Clinical Psychology from North University, and Logotherapist from SAPS (Certified Institution by Viktor Frankl Institute, in Vienna, Austria). Certified by The World Council of Psychotherapy (Endorsed by The United Nations and The World Health Organization), as Gestalt Therapist and specialist in Enneagram of Personality. Master Program studies in Eastern Phylosophy (Vedic Science), from Maharishi University of Management, USA. Certified in Emotional Freedom techniques, Breathwork, and Graphic – Projective Tests such as Machover and Wartegg.

Over the years, he has ventured into the world of spirituality and Eastern philosophy as a researcher, student, scholar and practitioner of Buddhist Philosophy, Yoga, Shamanism, as well as Trascendental Meditation and the Siddhis – TM program, with the sutras of Patanjali. In recent years, he has also been inmmersed into the world of Tai Chi Chuan and Vipassana meditation. He participated in the experiential workshops of Andean Shamanism in peru and Bolivia facilitated by Chamalú.

Aditionally, He has deep knowledge in Dream Interpretation, and Human Sexuality. He has participated in several workshops with renowned international therapists such as Mireia Darder Ph.D., Director of The Gestalt Institute of Barcelona; Jean Marie Delacroix Ph.D. and Anton Valen from Cirque Du Soleil. Throughout his career he has been facilitator of several workshops, talks, lectures and organizational trainings, in Colombia and aborad, on several topics such as Inner Growth, Quantum Thinking,  Clown Therapy, among some others. 

He is also an associate consultant of Tandem Insourcing S.A.S. He has expirience in negotiation training processes, and facilitating workshops in Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Enneagram, Leadership, Work Meaning and Business Purpose, Conflcit Resolution, Decision Making, as well as training processes for high potetntials, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and presidents from different companies, mainly in Colombia.

Certified by The World Council For Psychotherapy

Vienna, Austria

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