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The consultancy focuses on recruitment processes, negotiation, existential coaching, corporate training in emotional intelligence, leadership, work meaning and business purpose, conflict resolution, decision making, and high performance team conformation.

This coaching process is based on Existential Philosophy and Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy approach. Through out this methodology people learn how to live a meaningful life, and make constructive decisions to experience fulfillment and bliss.


This process develops personal and professional skills, using Existential Coaching and the methodology created by Ginger Lapid-Bogda, which is based on emotional intelligence and the Enneagram in Business, which is a tool that allows us to know about personality, and use our own skills properly.


Dr. Lapid-Bogda's methodology seeks to understand the different ways in which people think, feel and behave according to their personality structure, in order to make a high impact at all levels of life.


The process is developed through short sessions, that focus on overcoming specific obstacles that prevent people from reaching their goals in any area of their lives. It focuses on learning how to deal with, and take advantage of difficult situations.

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Coaching Process

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Aimed to

Associate consultant of Tandem Insourcing SAS, and Academic Director of Tandem Academy division. Extensive experience in business training, teaching and implementation of psycho-pedagogical strategies. Teaching support in the Executive MBA of The Andes University in Bogota, Colombia. Director of the language department of Aceia Language Center, a branch of Andino Business Consulting S.A. Certified in English teaching by the department for continuing education of Oxford University. Tutor of Gestalt Therapy Program at Gestalt Bogota School.


International lecturer and workshop leader in Spanish, English and Portuguese on inner growth, and professional development. Expertise in Enneagram in Business and Quantum Thinking. Guest lecturer for two weeks at the Department of Psychology of the Centro Universitário Do Triângulo (UNITRI), in Uberlândia, Brazil.


Experience supporting the formation of negotiation tables and training negotiation processes with the Cerrejón and Ecopetrol unions.


Corporate training to entrepreneurs, directors and CEO's of different companies such as Empresa de Energía de Bogotá, Banco Popular and Ecodiesel Colombia, in emotional intelligence, leadership, work meaning and business purpose, conflict resolution, decision making, and high performance teams conformation.


  • Company Staff, emplotyees, and business partners
  • Entrepreneurial Groups
  • Company Directors
  • Corporate CEOs


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Tandem Academy is a division specialized in the development of education and corporate training programs, which is part of the firm Tandem Insourcing S.A.S., which has 16 years of experience and a wide trajectory in consulting processes and organizational training in leadership, corporate negotiation, and high performance team formation of different companies, nationally and worldwide.


Our team has wide experience in academic training in Enneagram, Conflict Resolution, Emotional Intelligence, and Gestalt Therapy, in different universities such as McGill University of Montreal and Tokyo, Eskema in Paris, Los Andes University, CESA Colombia and the corporate universities of Manuelita S.A., Pacific Rubiales Colombia and Frontier Energy, as well as in different training centers of Gestalt Psychotherapy in Colombia, Spain and Brazil.


Our experience in companies such as Ecopetrol, Ecodiesel, Cerrejón, BBVA, Banco Popular, Empresa de Energía de Bogotá, Alpina, Unilever, Simoniz, PGI, Colombina, Termoquímicas, Coomeva, Liberty Seguros, Bayer, among many others, allows us to know first-hand the different problems that employees and leaders of these companies face at work and in their personal lives. Therefore, it is our interest to contribute with our training programs so there is a possibility of humanizing those who are part of the organizations and the community in general.

Tandem Academy

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